Anonymous : Hey man just want to know what you do with your edits. Lighting and colour is so perfect in every shot.

Hey mate, I try not to edit my photos too much… Just keep it natural looking, you will grow stronger as a photographer without photoshop :)

Anonymous : You are Easily One of the best Surf Photographers there is

Wow! Im just a little fish in a big pond, but thankyou anonymous :) 

reeceguildphoto : My name is Reece I am 14 from West Oz and trying to kick off a career in the surf photography side of things, could you please take a quick look at my blog and tell me what you think? be honest I look up to you as a fellow photographer and would like some solid feedback! cheers mate

Reece! You take some nice photos mate.. and it seems as though you are improving. Keep it up champ! Josh